Shelly Duvall

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See 3 Women,
Robert Altman just has a way.

This movie is not fast paced, but visually I was entranced by it from the first frame.  The colors and decor. The styling. The cinematography. The story is pretty interesting, but takes the back seat to the awkwardness of some of the scenes.

Shelly Duvall has such an iconic and inspiring style. I mean, she produced Fairy Tale Theater!
I wonder if 2/3 of the women in Silverlake even know it’s HER haircut they are going for?


Finished Product

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Earth Girls Are Easy

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I can’t stop watching screwball 80’s cult movies. I’ve been this way since… well, the 80’s.
But what is not to love?
Last week I re-watched another favorite, Earth Girls Are Easy, starring Gina Davis and Julie Brown.
Oh yeah, this is also some of the early work of Jim Carey, Jeff Goldblum, and Damon Wayans who all play multi-colored fur covered hunky aliens from outer space.

Julie Brown I couldn’t get enough of circa 1988. Her show Just Say Julie was on MTV and I was into it. I quote that show to this day.
“THIS is an actual model’s BRAIN!” holding out a small piece of chewed gum.

I had forgotten Gina plays a manicurist, but quickly remembered one of my most favorite make-over musical montages, which happens at her salon. It looks like it takes place a Patricia Fields Outlet Dept. Store in a midwestern mall. Modern Day.

There are so many great lines in this movie. Most of which I had forgotten, but it’s funny how they come flooding back as you watch. I’ll need to watch it about 7-8 more times before I’ll be able to work any into conversations, but I have a few days off next week.

This is all I want for my birthday
Just Say Julie, Volume One

Music Go Music

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This weekend, Craig and I were on the set of some friends’ music video. The backdrop was The Bob Baker Marionette Theater in downtown LA which was so inspiring (photos to follow).  We started out as extras in the audience of the band’s grand performance, which we didn’t actually see. Once our extra responsibilities were done, I finished the night by styling the lead vocalist’s final hair style. It was an ode to A. McQeen and Bjork. I think it turned out pretty great.  The video will be released soon.  Stay tuned.


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My current obsession is It turns any picture you have into a polaroid-like image. It’s really fun, and addictive.
It’s FREE too! It actually adjusts the colors, blurs the image, vignettes the edges, and adds the Polaroid border.
I can’t stop.

Hardbodies (1984)

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When it starts to get cold out I’ve notice my Netflix queue gets loaded up with summertime beach movies. It’s instinctual. What’s more fun then sitting directly next to a space heater watching 80’s hair bounce around the beach? That said, this week I watched Hardbodies. What a gem.  3 guys down on their luck with women, rent a beach house and hire a hot local to show them the ropes. It’s completely sexist, racist at times, and amazing.

I think my favorite thing about goofball comedies is they can’t take themselves too seriously. At all. There are plot loopholes and logistics that are could never be feasible. It’s like dreaming.  Then there’s the half dressed cast running from side to side on the screen. Even more so like a dream. The point is, the plot is basic and doesn’t take much reasoning or thinking, which I love. The less thinking the better these days.

On, movie database, the keywords attached to Hardbodies are pretty entertaining too. Check it out:

I can’t decide which words I like best.


Things to Remember

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things to remember